Logistics Services

Our solutions design teams work closely with our customers to get an in-depth understanding of your requirements and finding the optimal solution to address them. Simply put, day in and day out we are constantly looking for better ways to serve you and to support your business growth.

Lead Logistics Provider

Finding the right fit for you

At MOVE we use our comprehensive logistics expertise and sector knowledge to help you meet increasingly demanding cost and performance targets. As your Lead Logistics Provider (LLP) we can manage your supply chain from end to end, using a combination of our own logistics resources and other specialist providers.

Above all, we provide the visibility you need to monitor and control your product every step of the way. You get the best solutions in the market, whilst you benefit from the simplicity of dealing with MOVE.

You can benefit from improved lead times and product availability while keeping costs across your supply chain under control.

We offer:

  • Buying power and the ability to use our volumes to provide the best space availability
  • Logistics network design based on a thorough understanding of your business and providing optimum levels of service, efficiency and flexibility
  • Operational excellence through a process-driven approach that delivers consistently high service and a culture of continuous improvement
  • Partner selection so you are working with the most appropriate partner for each link in the supply chain
  • Advanced technology to give you visibility and the assurance your products will arrive on time.

3PL / 4PL Consulting Services

You may need a single-service or an entire turnkey solution to satisfy your transportation, warehousing and logistics requirements. At MOVE, we can provide all options. Our process-oriented approach incorporates a full spectrum of tools to evaluate your company’s operations, service requirements and operational costs. We work with you to prepare a strategic management plan designed to deliver cost-effective service improvements that are ready to implement.

We also help you monitor and manage your transportation while focusing on the essentials: continual improvements, long-term customer satisfaction and cost containment.


Custom solutions

Our custom solutions can give you big rewards.

Through our business analysis, we can design a custom solution for you. We can arrange contracted pricing and provide customised solutions based on your specific needs. These options allow you to have better control over budget spend which will save you money and increase your bottom line.

We will put together a tailored solution based on your outlined business requirements. Give us specifics regarding what type of freight you deliver, where you deliver it, how you need to store it and how often and what business requirements you have. From this we can generate a customised report outlining your potential savings.

Feel free to get in touch with MOVE.