Supply Chain Solutions

Businesses trust MOVE because we have the experience, expertise, and resources to manage their most critical fleet, transportation, logistics and supply chain functions better than they can on their own. MOVE has a solution to help you with your most complex transportation, warehousing, distribution or logistics challenges.

Our Supply Chain Solutions include:

Dedicated Transportation

This combines the best of MOVE’s leasing and maintenance capabilities with the safest and most professional drivers in the industry, tied together through innovative IT technologies for complete network optimisation. With a dedicated transportation solution, you can keep your business moving forward without having to invest time in managing your own fleet.

Project Management

You’re focused on managing your core business. But when you don’t dedicate enough time to managing complicated projects, you may end up paying for it in delays, costs, and headaches. Our project management services take care of planning and analytics, as well as site quality management so you lose the stress of management, without ever losing control.

Fleet Leasing

We know that no two businesses are the same, so when it comes to your available fleet, you should have options. MOVE can remove the burden of managing your own vehicles and have flexible vehicle leasing and ownership options to meet all your transportation needs, regardless of your size or business requirements.

Fleet Maintenance

To keep your fleet running, you need a reliable maintenance solution that maximises uptime and eliminates breakdowns at a predictable cost, when and where you need it. We have you covered. From full service, preventive, and on-demand, we have the maintenance solutions to keep you running.

Supply Chain Optimisation

As a leading provider of integrated logistics, our supply chain solutions take a differentiated approach based on deep industry knowledge to give your business a competitive edge. By combining our warehouse, distribution, and transportation capabilities, you will have end-to-end visibility into your operation while reducing the costs. That’s the MOVE supply chain advantage.

Continuous Improvement Methods

Through implementation of innovative systems and tools that drive positive behaviours, we create a culture of continuous improvement through operational excellence. This strategy links leadership and front line employees through teamwork and problem solving allowing us to deliver on our promise to you. Guided by our vision, mission, and values our innovative approach to supply chain and fleet solutions offer customers reliability, efficiency, and safety.


By re-engineering your supply chain through implementation of LEAN, we help you eliminate waste, improve productivity, enhance customer service, and lower operating costs. This is achieved by improving the culture, communication, and customer experience. With LEAN, every step in every process adds value for the customer. If it doesn’t add value, it is eliminated.


You want full visibility into your fleet? With our turnkey fleet telematics program, we can deliver important information, in real time

Supply Chain Analytics

Your customers needs are constantly changing, which means you need a supply chain that’s optimally designed to keep up. From site selection to capacity planning, we’ll design your perfect supply chain network, all while making sure you get the agility and low costs you need to grow. The success of your business comes down to how efficient your supply chain is. We make logistics simple by taking your entire operation off your hands. Solutions are designed for what fits your company’s needs best – whether it’s in our facility, your facility, or a leased facility. First, we’ll take a look at your existing logistics strategy, transportation and distribution network, sourcing/operational locations, and delivery destinations. Based on financial incentives, labour and utilities, we’ll come up with the ideal number and location of distribution centres, cross-docking services, and other logistics facilities and transportation modes. Once we understand a new network design, we use network analysis and cost-based routing to find the best way to move your products.

Transport Management

Our Transportation Management solution serves one purpose: streamline your transportation network so we can eliminate time consuming activities and costs. Your transportation network should be flexible, efficient, and perfectly in tune with the dynamic nature of your business. However, managing a transportation network can be time consuming and costly. Like many shippers, you may be looking for ways to reduce freight costs, improve service levels, and drive efficiencies. That’s where we can help. From network design and optimisation to planning, procurement, and tracking deliveries, MOVE offers the insight, management expertise and standard operating practices it takes to improve visibility, make better use of assets, reduce costs, and improve customer service.