Logistics management & supply chain operations often involve more mobile and technology resources than any other business function while needing to integrate with a wide range of external systems, other workforce and business processes.

The combination of technical advances, price point reductions and solution integration sets the stage for widespread adoption of technologies across industries and all company sizes, with projects that deliver value in weeks, not months and years. We pride ourselves on having the ability to provide real-time information to our customers.

The capabilities of today’s smartphones and mobile data networks have expanded well beyond the rudimentary tracking solutions that have been used to manage resources on the road in the past. At the same time, the cost of technology has dropped dramatically while the functionality has expanded. Mobile data coverage has increased, as network providers have invested substantially in 3G, 4G, LTE (long-term evolution) and Wireless infrastructures to deliver broadband speeds over any distance to any location.

Key benefits

With this combination of advanced capabilities, lower cost and ubiquitous access, logistics providers have an unprecedented opportunity to capitalise on what technology should offer, whether that’s:

  • Tracking mileage
  • Road User Charges
  • Proof of Delivery Services
  • Measuring driver/field worker performance through Telematics and Video capture services
  • Interacting with back-end systems
  • Enabling real time confirmation of activities our teams are undertaking

Our technology

In-Cab Solutions

Our In-Cab systems focus on ensuring driver safety and preventative telematics and video monitoring of our vehicles to reduce the risk of an accident and injury to our drivers.

Alerting drivers to potential events if we recognise unsafe behaviour. We can also track patterns over time, to improve productivity and safer driving and achieve considerable savings.

Warehouse Management System - Paperless

Paperless – Our warehouses employ the advanced warehouse management technology and are designed to operate in our dynamic environments.

We offer flexible and scalable interfacing solutions to many of our customers. We understand that finding the right warehousing solution for you is key.

Transport Management System - GoFreight

GoFreight - You want full visibility into your fleet? With our turnkey freight management system program, we can deliver important information on our operations, in real time.